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Can-In Immigration Services Inc. (CAN-IN) has its corporate Head Office located at 5800 Ambler Road, Mississauga (Greater Toronto Area), Ontario, Canada. Jaskaran Kainth, RCIC a young and energetic person having complete knowledge in the present scenario of immigration holds tight grip over each and every immigration problem which may result in the negative decision. Can-In has all the answers to meet with such problems in the beginning. We have been providing immigration services to our clients as per set out rules by Canadian Government through Citizenship and Immigration Canada with full of our abilities and after proper completion of immigration documents to the utmost satisfaction of our clients keeping in view success of every case. We have no compromise in this sphere and if it happens that the client is not able to provide required information or the case is not deemed fit form immigration, we think it better to refuse such case at the very outset. We have our locations in India and further establishing in the other parts of the world. We deal in Canadian immigration matters only. We specialize in preparing applications for permanent residence, work permits, study permits and Temporary Residence Visa. Our services are not meant only for just completing forms and collecting documents but involve more than this which remains till the successful result of the case. We prepare and submit applications of our clients in such a professional way so that positive results may always be achieved.
It is our goal to get positive results only and get achievement for any case submitted by us. Money is secondary for us – we keep ahead our intention of getting those cases only which we think will be successful and success of each case is primary for us. It is, therefore, assured that only those cases are accepted by us which are deemed fit for immigration. Our main purpose is to help our clients in all aspects so that they, their relatives, friends or employees can live, work or study in Canada. As all are well aware, it is not easy to get immigration these days as the government has been continuously changing Immigration rules and regulations which are becoming more and more complex day by day and a minor discrepancy may result refusal of visa. In order to qualify to relocate to Canada, every case must be presented properly to an immigration officer who is to grant or deny your admission.

We are aggressive and responsive provider of legal services, with a total commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to the interests of our clients and delivery of extraordinarily responsive, creative, practical and high quality solutions to their problems, developed from their point of view. We are also dedicated to providing our clients with quality service at a competitive cost. With many years of experience in legal consulting in the community, our company has been offering professional and extensive services.
Country's low population means there is room to live and breathe, with great opportunities to create a wonderful life. Come for the peace, come for the security, come for the opportunity, but most of all, come for the future of your family and this great country!

We have offered a highly professional service for over 37 years.

We have thousands of satisfied customers.

Our fees are competitive.

We are 100% country name owned. Because we are in the same Time Zone as Immigration country name, employers, universities, language schools, etc, we are usually faster and more effective than overseas agents, which means disbursement charges are less.

We can certify documents and declarations in-house.

You only deal with the principals of country name Immigration Consulting.

We have a vast amount of knowledge to help you settle in the country name.

At Can-In Immigration Services Inc., we are your representatives. Being your representative it is our main responsibility to understand your immigration needs, and offer you cost effective Visa solutions that get results. We manage your case from start to finish. Our applications are submitted to immigration officers to always get positive result. Submission of Application

A cover letter explaining the factual position and complete documentation of the case is submitted by us just to brief the Visa Officer who may verify the rest from the documentation.

We assemble complete application package and information which is required by Canadian Immigration & Citizenship (CIC) and to be reviewed by an immigration officer for his/her decision on issuance of a visa.

As soon as we are engaged, we start managing and monitoring of your case from its start to its finish. We mail or get mailed your application to the correct immigration office on time. We keep on tracking the progress of your application as it makes its way through the immigration system.

We prepare you for a possible interview if so is desired by CIC.

On acceptance of visa, we ensure its proper delivery keeping in view the fact that it contains all necessary and correct information.

Jaskaran S. Kainth

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Direct :647-746-1160
Mail Me :jas@caninimmigration.ca

Anmol Sarao

Office :416-477-7760
Direct :416-358-8780
Mail Me :anmol@caninimmigration.ca

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“I have completed two (1 year) diploma in Canada and I was worried about the work permit application procedure as I was not sure about the validity of my post graduate work permit. As it was not a normal work permit application with just 1 or 3 years concept but it needed much more attention to details and explanation. Canin Immigration Inc. was able to handle the situation with preciseness and excellence. I was in India at that time of application and I felt very relaxed and peaceful as Canin Immigration was doing they should on time. My process was handled by Jass and he worked very hard to make sure everything was in position. I am very happy and satisfied with the services provided by Canin Immigration. I wish them all best of luck and for sure they are doing my CEC and every other immigration processes going forward. Thank you Canin Immigration Canada!”
Kevin Patel, Tracker Inc.